Business E-Front

Business E-Front | B2B2C

The Business E-Front solution communicates marketing ideas and product information from a manufacturer to consumers, through their retailers, dealers, franchises or business partners. This solution offers centralized administration to a manufacturer to manage their business partners portals and feed them with the same data. Apart from this, individual admin access is available to business partners to manage their business specific information with ease.

Business E-Front comprises of 3 different portal solutions

B2CC – This portal is provided to business partners, with brand and strategic content controlled centrally. Individual business partners are provided with the ability to portray their own business specific information such as logo, contacts, marked-up prices, and above all discounts and promotions, if they required to be highlighted.

B2C – This is a brand portal, which allows consumers to find their nearest retailer, dealer or franchise and portray generic information about the manufacturer or the brand at the same time.

B2B – This portal facilitates business partners in managing their own portals, at the same time this portal is bound to enhance efficient relationships in between business partners and manufacturers.

Salient Features

  • This solution offers versatile functionalities to establish a unique brand identity to manufacturers through their business partners.

  • To maintain uniform brand identity, every retailer, dealer, franchise or a business partner’s portal look alike, however, it is branded with their own company name, logo and business specific information.

  • Business partners are provided with access to their own admin section to manage and update their localized business specific details.

  • Companies or central organizations can update or change information centrally to communicate promotions and new arrivals or change or remove any content on all the portals.

  • This solution comes loaded with a central portal, which can be used for branding purposes. This portal has a ‘Locate Store’ functionality to find the nearest retailer, dealer, franchise or business partner.

  • This solution also comes with an E-Commerce Cart, powered with SSL security, which enhances the use of new ways of conducting your business and at the same time present’s unique opportunities to those who are willing to adapt to these changes.

  • This solution is mobile ready and works on multiple smart-phone platforms including Apple i-Phones, Google Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian.