Avalon Solution specializes in providing solutions to manufacturers to serve their retailers, dealers, franchises or business partners, which have resulted in better relationships with consumers. We have successfully aided an increase in profitability, accountability and productivity.

ASHI, New York

Avalon Solution has successfully provided the below listed solutions to ASHI, New York, and the results have been par excellence. Today, ASHI is a name to reckon with in the US market. What we at Avalon intend is to provide the same platform to you, which in turn is sure to do a world of good for your products or services.

Our Services for Ashi in a Nutshell

Business E-Front - B2B2C – This solution was aimed at promoting a specific range of products from Ashi and consisted of three different and unique portals.

B2CC – This portal was provided to retailers of ASHI, with brand- and strategic-content controlled centrally by ASHI. Individual retailers were provided the ability to showcase their own business specific information such as logo, contacts, marked-up prices, and above all discounts and promotions, if needed to be highlighted.

ASHI has provided B2CC portals to approximately 150 retailers. To maintain uniform brand identity, every retailers portal look alike, however, it is branded with their own store name, logo and business specific information.

B2C – This is a brand portal, which allows consumers to find their nearest retailer and portray generic information about ASHI.
B2B – This portal was aimed at being used by retailers to manage their own portals, at the same time it could be used to place orders internally from retailers to ASHI.
Business E-Store - B2C – This solution offered ASHI with the ability to setup independent websites for their Jewelry retailers. Along with the independent web presence content is also provided from ASHI.

ASHI has provided independent B2C portals to approximately 150 retailers.
Business E-Connect - B2B – This solution offered ASHI with the powerful B2B portal to perform online transactions between them and their retailers.

About ASHI

ASHI is one of the premier diamond Jewelry manufacturers, servicing the independent Jewelers in North America. A fully integrated Jewelry company, ASHI has been one of the most trusted and widely respected names in the diamond and Jewelry business for more than 25 years. What they needed were solutions to consolidate their position in a booming market, and those solutions are exactly what we have provided. The results – unmatchable.